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Executive MBA 13 Kasetsart University is a internationally for academic excellence and work of world standard and its academic life on the agricultural sciences. It is a intellectual resources to help the nation achieve development and negotiating power in the world community. They have strategic plans covering all essential missions especially strengthening competence of Human Resources for the country, promoting academic expertise and international competency of students and graduates with great reputation and recognition. This school are specializes in teaching agricultural sciences and offers general science, arts, social sciences, humanities, education, engineering, and architecture to Thai students

Kasetsart University creates and develops varied bodies of knowledge, gathers wisdom and forms people who are intelligent, who think rationally, who behave morally, who are conscious of the common good, and who produce high standard work capable of competing in the world market. The university manages its resources efficiently, joins in the development of the community, and is responsible to society so as to serve as an important instrument in ensuring the well being and security of the country. It has a responsibility to play a leading role in keeping our Thai alive and to ensure that it continues to grow the civilization of the notion.


10/08/10 EXMBA 13 and Cartridges Direct team up in Lexmark Contract

After months of negotiations, Kaesesart University and Australian-based retailers Cartridges Direct signed a preliminary contract that would see the sale of all lexmark ink cartridges fall into the hands of Cartridges Direct over the next five years. In a landmark deal, EXMBA agreed to the five year plan after Cartridges Direct lowered their per unit price by 2.5%, a decision that would see the retailers stand to earn approximately $1.5m in sales revenue over the next 2 and a half years, and an estimated $4m total by the time the deal has come full circle. After tense negotiations, the Kaesetsart educational department feel they have acquired a deal that will save the university around $5m by 2015, funds that can now be directed towards more appropriate areas of the University.

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